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I recently heard that NYC’s Dyke March theme was “Barely Legal.”  The image is a depiction of a young girl in handcuffs and in print around the photo it states, “Woman Only.”  I cannot confirm this otherwise I would upload a photo, but I have something to write to the organizers.

Let me first queer a few things out.  I do not agree with age based rights.  Experience, knowledge, willingness, and ability (not to mention numerous others) are all much better indicators of the preparedness of individuals than something like the number of days lived.  One moment, mere seconds, can greatly change a persyn.  Just as, days/months/years can pass with complete stagnation.

Also, I cannot understand what exactly 18 years can mean for consent.  Consent is consent.  Obviously, everyone needs to understand what it is they are consenting to, but my understanding of consent includes this idea.  Someone on the eve of their 18th birthday is not much different in a few hours, and I do not understand how these few hours can mean the difference between consensual activities and statutory rape.  For me, this argument attempts to reinforce the needs of prisons by locking up those convicted of this charge.  We all know how the (in)justice system works.  Those that are locked up are much more likely folks of color from lower income neighborhoods.  Often these charges are followed through regardless of what the younger persyn (and oftentimes their families) says or if they try to fight these false charges.

As for the handcuffs, if folks consensually get pleasure from them I am not here to get in the way of that.  I am not a fan as I cannot link desire to the police state, but if folks want to reclaim them I am fully supportive.  I think exploring our boundaries and learning what our deepest cravings are is a wonderful practice and gets me hot just thinking about it.

None of this is necessarily negative.  Dykes explicitly stating their desires for age-play and younger partners is awesome (consensually).  What gets me, and here is the message to the organizers:


Why are we trying to make dyke an exclusively woman-only category?  I know plenty of trannies and genderqueers who identify with the term.  Dyke is so much more than a gender specific category.  It is so much more than upholding the gender binary.

I guess what I am wondering is can the boydykes or boidykes come?

Can the dykes with boyfriends bring them along?

What about the relationship of transwomen and transphobic womyn-born-womyn only spaces?  Was it yr intent to uphold definitions of “woman” in the march?  If not, why bring up this hirstory?  Why alienate folks by only welcoming certain folks to participate?

What about the folks who do not identify with the term woman or dyke who wanna come out?  Can they march alongside ya’ll?

Or, does that not jive with yr woman only invite?  I want some answers.

Alternatively, if you want to celebrate a dyke march that doesn’t give a shit if you identify as a woman, come to

Twin Cities Dyke March

Saturday, June 26th

Walker Art Museum (Hennepin Ave across from Loring Park)

And, if you want to mix it up with trannies earlier in the day:

Twin Cities Trans March

Saturday, June 26th


Stevens Square Park (18th St E & Stevens Ave S)

Oh yeah, after the rant I totally threw in some shameless self-promotion.


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